Look years younger!

By the lift MESO treatment result small micro-openings in the epidermis, with this process the substance series optimized to enter into the skin. The lift MESO modules allow effective and painless import of active substances like hyaluronic acid!


 The lift MESO concept is a new and very effective method for regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin.   The skin is smoothed and additionally hydrated. Active substances (Hyaluronic acid) are gently implanted in the upper skin with the specially designed lift MESO module. The active ingredients provide the skin with moisture and stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers.
Effectiveness and efficiency of the lift MESO concept show already after just a few applications and will convince you with immediately visible results.


Application of the Lift MESO Concept:
The effectiveness of Lift MESO is visible immediately after the first treatment, especially on dry, lifeless, dull, tired looking skin, and fine lines. Five treatments which each take approximately 30 minutes, at an interval of seven days, are highly recommended to achieve optimum results and should be repeated every 3-6 months to obtain effectiveness. There are 3 vital skin products recommended to be used with Lift MESO procedure, which are aimed to tighten loose and saggy skin, rejuvenate the face, neck & décolleté, to remove the free radical damage and reduce fine lines: Tissucare, Trophocare und Eyecare.

Hyaluronic Lift up
For the daily support of the skin rejuvenation. This high intensity Serum created with 3 times the low molecular weight is used for super deep penetration to achieve a sustainable maintenance of the moisture binding capacity of the skin to prevent skin dehydration. The results are an immediate reduction of fine lines which smoothes and plumps up the skin and an improvement of the skin tone and texture. Highly recommended as a home use and should be applied twice daily on the skin to strengthen the effect of the Lift MESO Treatment.


Lift MESO hygiene cartridges

The Lift MESO hygiene cartridges allows a safe and effective intrusion of active serums like hyaluronic acid (HA), without any pain into epidermis. These cartridges are equipped with a small hygiene plate which has 18 stimulation points to open the skin gently, and with 13 small holes to provide a consistent flow of the active ingredients into the skin. The length of this hygiene plate is 0,5 mm, therefore the intrusion into the skin does not exceed more than 0,3 mm beneath the surface of the skin. This amazing flexible hygiene plate makes it easy to tilt and convex, enabling the therapist to reach the difficult areas of the skin easily to conduct the required treatment.

Home Care
For best results we recommend the customer to apply the Hyaluronic Serum Lift up 2 times a day (morning and evening) under the daily products. Small wrinkles reduce very quickly and the skin looks firmer and smoother.